Red actually means a lot and nothing at all

Why does the color red evoke certain associations in us?

We find the answer in our evolution. In order to survive, we humans have to agree on content. Without this our coexistence would be disoriented and would hardly function. A traffic sign only makes sense if all addressees associate it with the same content. Our subconscious stores perceived content and assigns it to similar perceptions or objects.

We rate this content differently depending on your point of view. Think of a rainy day in summer. The farmer is happy, the vacationer is annoyed. Why is a swear word bad? Why can 4 in the morning be very early or quite late … What about the value of money?

Our perception is thus followed by an assignment of content. The subsequent evaluation (good or bad, early or late, a lot or a little …) takes place individually and is not predetermined by the universe. You can decide freely.
It’s up to you to rate the rain in summer as good or bad!

In this sense you can rate all your memories, experiences and hopes as good or bad – you decide whether your life, your reality is happy or not.
In the beginning it often seems impossible to decide for yourself about your life. But everyone can learn to take responsibility and see themselves as happy.

But there is no medication for this and it does not go from one day to the next.

With patience, mindfulness and willpower you can get to know your feelings and their origin in your value system. Try to question your assessment of those feelings with regard to your satisfaction and change the assessment criteria if necessary.

This is your way to personal responsibility and satisfaction.

And why am I not happy?

The answer is simple. She also answers the question about the existence of the armchair:

Because you decided it was.

In the same way, you can choose to be happy.

You certainly have all the skills in you to consider yourself a happy person.
Would you like to strengthen these skills and work with me to develop your reality?

The first step is difficult – get in touch with me – you can do the rest with pleasure!
You will recognize yourself and your current situation and achieve great goals in a satisfied life.

Harald Beck, MSc


1030 Wien | Steingasse 26

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